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Japanese/ English online course

Little Star offers Japanese and English lessons using video calls.

Zoom lesson features

1 Take lectures in your free time
2 Effective one-on-one lessons
3 High quality lessons by qualified teachers
4 Compatible with a wide range of business tests
5 Popular internship system available

How to apply:
1. Questionnaire

Fill out the question form

2. Interview and free trial lesson

We will arrange a free trial lesson for your desired schedule. The teacher in charge will perform the trial lesson.

3. Free Trial Lesson

4. Start Lesson

log in and book for the lesson

Notes on lesson reservation cancellation:
Cancellation deadline for booked lessons is 24 hours prior to the lesson time. Cancellation within 24 hours will result in a cancellation fee.

Conversation (English/Japanese)日常会話

25 min   4回チケット  ¥6,500

​1回 ¥1,700

Conversational lesson All level:BeginnerーAdvanced 様々なレベルに対応した会話重視のクラスです。

Business with Internship 


50 min  |  ¥2,500

Business Japanese Class

When this course (12 lessons) is completed, you will directly enroll for an internship. (Japanese)

Business English class

Improving your business vocabulary and presentation skills




50 min  |  ¥2,500

Academic Japanese
This is for the purpose of continuing on to college or graduate school in Japan. Student can learn the best test preparation and answering techniques
日本語能力テストを受講希望方向けの対策クラス 読み・書き・読解等強化していきます。

Academic English
 develop critical thinking skills and prepare students for life on a college campus.
試験への対策クラス 読み・書き・読解等をプライベートレッスンでレベルに応じて強化していきます。

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