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Little Star English School

We operate English conversational classes for a wide range of ages, offer private and group lessons in several locations and teach lessons at a variety of different companies.
We focus on speaking, grammar, pronunciation and expanding student’s vocabulary and we try to make everyone feel confident when they use English.
Our teachers are all native English speakers and are all well-trained. In addition to their qualifications, they are certified by educational license and educational requirements for all levels.

Assistant Language Teacher
​English for a company


Assisting Language Teacher at public schools in Japan We offer ALT to assist Japanese teachers in their everyday life of helping students to understand English.

Company lessons

We also offer a wide range of company lessons to improve a business English communication skills and also to help you achieve your professional goals.

Global College
with Little Star

Global college is in Vancouver, Canada offering English classes and courses.

Little Star has setup and run a business partnership with Global college and A new school can offer you a variety of unique classes such as accredited TESOL diploma course, IETS, online ESL classes. We also offer a unique learning experience, LS college study and intern abroad programs are some of the most affordable, comprehensive program packages available.

TESOL/TEFL/IELTSBusiness English/Japanese

Japanese classes/JLPT academic class

After School Program

Social development is an important part of the role we play in each child’s life. We offer an exciting programs for children to expand their world of knowledge.

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Online Lessons
Staffing Service
​International Staffing Service

Little Star is approved as temporary work agencies

We aim to meet the expectations of temporary agency workers and client companies that use temporary agency workers

All lessons are Private and our teachers are well trained and native Japanese speakers

you can study Japanese online with a PC and Internet access everywhere and anytime.

LS college students who study Japanese via video call will be able to directly enroll our internship course.

You can learn real life Japanese conversation and enjoy cultural exchange.


Little Star offers an internship program from 1 to 6 months in length. You will not only learn about a new culture, but you will learn the Japanese language. Please fill out the contact form below to request more information.

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